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It all started with a dream...

After 25 years of roasting the finest beans on the west coast of British Columbia, a decision was made to branch off and open a Roasting House in eastern Canada ~ back to Brenda’s roots on the shores of one of the most captivating of the great lakes, Lake Huron in Sarnia, Ontario.


Our goal is to expand and share our heavenly roasted beans with others while still maintaining our existing and valued customers in the west. Yes, it can be done and if anyone could master this plan, it is our Roastmaster, Brenda.

A venture such as this could only happen however with the amazing support of Brenda’s childhood best friend, Mary Callahan. Mary and her partner Claude were thrilled to become part of the BACKHOME COFFEE team and have been instrumental in setting up the “Great Lakes Roasting House” in Sarnia. Claude has been apprenticing with Brenda in the art of Coffee Roasting and Mary is thriving in her new role as Operations Manager handling the day to day business while Brenda regularly commutes to Pender Island to maintain the west coast operations.

A bit about Mary ~ she was the second daughter that Brenda’s mom never had. Mary and Brenda have maintained an extraordinary friendship throughout their entire lives with Mary offering her love, support and care to Brenda’s Mom in her later years. Mary also cleaned homes and offices just like Brenda's mom did and was also inspired by her to work hard and dream big!


After raising her family, she settled into an amazing life with Claude to raise chickens and revel in country life, that is until Backhome Coffee Roaster came calling and a new and exciting opportunity appeared on their doorstep. Mary will be our first point Eastern Canada contact and we can all rest assured that our customers couldn’t possibly be in better hands.


With Brenda as the guiding light behind this expansion, her hopes are that a legacy will be created and her initial idea of operating a Coffee Cart that thirty years later, will become a thriving business with customers all across Canada.

Keep never know!

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